How to get to Esperance Chalet Village

Traveling from Perth

Via Brookton Highway. Direct to Brookon, Corrigin, Kondinin, Hyden, Lake King, then Ravensthorpe onto the South Coast Highway.

Via Albany Highway
The direct route is straight down the highway past Williams and turn left 1 kilometre past Arthur River onto the Wagin road. From there you have a straight run though Wagin, Dumbleyoung, Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King and then to Ravensthorpe and the South Coast Highway.

Short Cuts You can save up to 70 or 80 kilometres by travelling between the smaller towns. Much more interesting but you need a good map or GPS. All the shortcuts lead through Harrismith.
Secondary country roads can have unexpected corners, sometimes are in poor repair or you can get caught behind a road train without an opportunity to pass.

Via Brookton Highway. Brookton, Pingelly, Wickepin, Harrismith, keep going East about 6 kilometres and turn right onto the Rabbit Proof Fence Road. Travel 4 kilometres south and turn left onto the North Tarin Rock Road. Follow the bitumen for about 40 kilometres to the Lake Grace Highway. Turn left and you have a straight run to Lake Grace, Newdegate, Lake King. Turn right to Ravensthorpe and the South Coast Highway.

Via Albany Highway
Turn left at North Bannister, Wandering, Narrogin. Take the Yilliminning Road to Harismith.
Turn left just past Williams onto the Narrogin Road and again the route is through Harrismith.

From South Coast Highway turn left at Harbour Rd, then cross Norseman Road at the large roundabout into
Fisheries Rd, then about 3 kms north-east turn right into Goldfields Road, then left into Frank Freeman Drive.

Frank Freeman Drive is a "No Through Road" and the Road finishes at the Chalet Village.

Traveling from Kalgoorlie or Norseman

Turn left at the large roundabout into Fisheries Road - then follow above directions to the Chalet Village.

If traveling from the town centre drive north in Dempster Street, turn right into Goldfields Rd, (at the Seafront Caravan Park) thence about 3 kms and turn right into Frank Freeman Drive.

Directional signage is good at the major intersections but the signs at smaller junctions (controlled by the Shire) are too small and easy to miss.

Don't forget if you have a mobile phone you can give us a call.

If navigating by Google, they have the right street, but show the Chalet Village position half way down the street, not at the end.